Auditions for The Enchantments are complete for this school year. Thank you to all who auditioned and we hope to see you all at auditions next year!

The Enchantments hold auditions every fall semester. Contact with any questions you may have.


Here’s what to expect:

** Sight reading is not a requirement for our group! The Enchantments pride themselves on taking girls of all musical abilities. Some of our most dedicated members have no musical training! Don’t be afraid to audition **


Round 1
Come prepared with a verse and a chorus from two songs of your choosing.
We will have you sing one or both of those songs depending on time constraints.

If you receive an email from us about callbacks, we will include some preferences for what we would like to hear you sing next. Please keep these suggestions in mind and prepare another verse and chorus of one song.

We will then complete a simple range check and a tonal recall exercise.

Lastly, we will have you sing a song with us to check your blending abilities and will conclude with a couple of getting to know you questions.

We will notify you about our decisions within the week of callbacks.