Nicole Watson – Managing Director

Nicole is a Junior double majoring in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature & English Literature with the goal of one day becoming an English Professor. Being from the south, Nicole is hesitantly optimistic of the impending winters that she will face over the next two years, but she learned her lesson last winter and will do her best to not get hypothermia again. Nicole loves singing with the Enchantments and is very glad to have joined the group. Along with the enjoyment of singing in an a cappella group, she loves the family of women she has found in these girls and hopes to keep these friendships for years to come. One fun fact about her is that out of the twelve piercings she has, she has done four of them herself, but don’t ask her to do one on you as she is mysophobic. (Google is your friend here) She cannot wait to spend another year with these girls and take on ICCA again!


Theoni Kolas – Marketing Director

Theoni is a Senior majoring in Family Social Science with a concentration in Family Therapy and a minor in Family Violence Prevention. She hopes to eventually own her own private practice after getting her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Theoni has always been very involved in music. She plays both guitar and piano and continues to write her own music, which she hopes to record in some form one day. Some fun facts about Theoni: she’s 100% Greek (go figure), her favorite food is steak, and her high school yearbook quote was “Follow your dreams, but also follow @theoni.kolas on Instagram”…which is still true. She loves being in The Enchantments because she loves getting to sing with her best friends, who also happen to be such talented individuals.



Erin Williams – Business Director

Erin is a junior from Maple Grove, Minnesota, majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Interdisciplinary Design and Psychology. Her dream job would be a creative director at an advertising agency! Erin has been surrounded by music her whole life, growing up playing piano, flute, and violin. In her spare time you can find her drawing, photoshopping, or spending time with her friends. Erin is also one of the Enchantments certified gluten free members! She is so happy to have been accepted into such an amazing group of women who support and care for her endlessly.




Selena Thor – Events Director

Selena is a senior majoring in strategic communications in the journalism school, with minors in French and Creative Writing. From Green Bay, Wisconsin, Selena hates to be in Vikings territory, but finds comfort that Culvers will always be the best (even in Minnesota). In her free time, you can find Selena sleeping, eating, or procrastinating on social media. Her loves include: Taco Bell, Dr. Pepper, and the podcast My Favorite Murder. One of the reasons why Selena loves being in The Enchantments is because she finds it empowering to be surrounded by strong, powerful women who have the same passion for music.




Marlee Schlegel – Music Director

Marlee is a senior majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance.She came all the way to Minnesota from the distant land of central Wisconsin to study and immerse herself in a slightly more western midwest culture. When she’s not singing with the Enchantments, you can find her watching Park and Rec for the 80th time, out exploring the vast array of coffee shops around the Twin Cities, or hard at work on one of her many, many projects she has going at any given time. Most recently she has been sanding, staining, and painting a lot of old furniture. She encourages you to follow her on Twitter @MarleeSchlegel because she is funny. Sometimes. Much love to Justin.



Kelly Pocian

Kelly is a Senior studying Theater and Anthropology. She is from Plymouth, WI, the Cheese Capital of the World, and is ironically unable to eat dairy. She also makes up ⅓ of the Enchantment’s gluten-free gang. After graduation, she hopes to rediscover some of her favorite hobbies, which include cooking, playing guitar, and going for walks. Kelly loves being an Enchantment because of the great friends she has made, and because of the unconditional love and support that comes with being part of such an amazing group.




Emma Myers

Emma is a junior studying Civil Engineering with an emphasis in transportation engineering. She is from Iowa City, Iowa. In her very limited free time, she enjoys playing her ukulele, listening to true crime podcasts, and of course, singing with the Enchantments. Her dream job would be working for a transportation department designing highway systems and roads. However, music always has been and always will be a deeply important part of her life. She is honored to be a part of the Enchantments so that their music can be shared with all — like on their new EP titled “HEX#7a0017” (the perfect shade of maroon, Google it), available on Apple Music and Spotify!



Olivia May

Olivia is a junior majoring in Audio Engineering and minoring in Digital Media Studies. She is from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and loves living in the Twin Cities. She’s always been heavily involved in music. Post-graduation, Olivia wants to work as a sound person. Her biggest dream is to produce a record that wins a Grammy, so you can usually find her honing her skills, rehearsing her acceptance speech, or watching Good Mythical Morning compilations on YouTube. Her favorite part about being in Enchantments is being a part of such an uplifting, supportive group of women.




Corinne Andres

As a child, Corinne dreamt of one day marrying her imaginary boyfriend—Karate Butterface—and raising many children in her hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin. After many thoughtful years, she is confident that she has a plan for her life that extends beyond the next six months (“plan” being used very loosely here). Corinne is a junior in the College of Education and Human Development, studying Business Marketing, Spanish and Portugese. In her free time she enjoys painting with watercolors, searching for snacks, and getting catchy tunes stuck in her head. To Corinne, being an Enchantment means being friggin’ awesome—and that’s that about that.


Gabi Gauthier

Gabi is a Junior studying History with a minor in American Studies. Gabi hopes to one day be able to work in Museums and will take any job that comes her way. Although she grew up in Waukee, Iowa, she now resides here in the Twin Cities along with her two Siamese cats. Growing up, she loved to sing and perform. She was an active participant in her speech team and theatre program. In her free time, you can find Gabi belting out musicals, watching documentaries, and crying over One Direction. She claims that her greatest achievement is knowing every word to every single One Direction song. Gabi loves being an Enchantment and is thankful for the community that comes with it. The Enchantments have given her some of the best friends a girl could ask for and for the opportunity to perform. She is so excited to see what this year has to offer.



Bella Buscemi

Bella is a Sophomore majoring in Math with an Actuarial Science Specialization. She is originally from Wisconsin, like a majority of the Enchantments. She loves watching both The Office and Parks & Rec religiously on Netflix and she quotes them just as religiously. Bella is ambidextrous, loves to cook, and loves online shopping without actually buying anything. She is also a diehard Target patron and will gladly help you find a bubbler when you need one. She loves the Enchantments. It’s a group that allows everyone to be an individual with the full love and support of 15 other girls. If you would like to hear how awesome the Enchantments are, Bella would love it if you would listen to their EP, “HEX#7a0019”, on all major streaming services!


Emily Gears

Emily is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Nutrition and Spanish. In the future she wants to attend medical school with hopes of becoming a psychiatrist with a specialization in eating disorders. Emily is originally from Eden Prairie, MN and has been singing her whole life. In her spare time you can find Emily doing yoga #zen #namaste or trying to find a way to be caffeinated. She also enjoys reading (but not the textbook kind) and watching movies. She loves being an enchantment because she loves being surrounded by strong women while being able to do something she loves #luv. Emily is excited to see all that the Enchantments have to offer throughout her time in college.



Heather Skoglund

Heather is a sophomore majoring in Political Science with a focus in International Politics, and minoring in Psychology. She hopes to one day work for the UN, work in the United States State Department, or become a Foreign Service Officer. She is originally from Hudson, WI. Heather has been singing and performing since she was 7 years old, and is excited to be continuing that in college. In her free time, Heather is usually watching Netflix (Big Mouth, Peaky Blinders), going out with friends, and procrastinating anything and everything. Heather loves being an Enchantment because of the amazing group of friends it has given her, and the ability to share her passion of music with such talented women.


Alex Jorndt

Alex is a sophomore double majoring in Theatre Arts and Communications Studies. She is from good ol’ Whitefish Bay Wisconsin (414 baby)! Alex is insanely grateful to be able to call these amazing, talented, and genuine ladies her family. Everyday with the Enchantments is full of laughs, growth, and inspiration. Outside of singing Alex enjoys writing, being with friends, cooking, being a Pisces, and going down the blackhole that is youtube. She can not wait to take on the future with her talented gals.



Ellie Lee

Ellie is a freshman majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. She is originally from South Korea. Her dream job would be a criminal profiler, which is super cool. She loves listening to Taylor Swift, Queen, and the Midnight and HAVING CHOCOLATES, especially dairy milk chocolate from Cadbury. She was so inspired by the movie “Pitch Perfect”, so NOW she is one of the Enchantments! She loves Enchantments. Everyone in Enchantments are so awesome, sweet, and cool. She is happy to sing with them and having so much fun in enchantment!



Mara Lund

Mara is a first year student currently undeclared, but interested in psychology. She is originally from the Lower Sioux Dakota Indian Reservation, but currently her heart is in the Twin Cities. Mara loves singing with the Enchantments, they are her new family here at the university. Aside from singing with the most talented women she knows, Mara enjoys nature walks and is one of the Enchantments certified gluten free members. In her time with the Enchantments she hopes to grow stronger as a musician, but also stronger as a woman.





The Enchantments would not be who they are without the dedication and beautiful voices of previous members. A huge thanks to our alumnae for all you have done and your continuing support!

2019 Alum: Colleen Silvernail, Grace LaPrairie, Maddy Bergum, Elena DiVita

2018 Alum: Kayleigh Phillips, Laura Torgeson

2017 Alum: Nora Allen, Zoe Armiros, Meara Cummings, Emily Dixon, Katrina Gustafson, Jenny LeDoux, Katie Makowski, Amelia McGee, Chrissy Taylor

2016 Alum: Mikalyna Sell

2015 Alum: Danni Askew, Allison Kronberg, Sarah Adams

2014 Alum: Ellen Studer, Errin McIsaac, Megan Siewert

2013 Alum: Alli Boyle, Emily Smythe, Heidi Chung, Sammy LaBrasca, Taylor Corwin

2012 Alum: Jane Margolis, Nora Kaffine, Maura Williams-Freier

2011 Alum: Angie Linberg-Livingston, Erika Ehren, Jaime Wendt, Kiya Edwards, Meghan Roehm, Sarah Trehey, Tiana Hardy

2010 Alum: Amanda Laskowski, CJ Jones
2009 Alum: Colleen Smith, Julie Paschke, Kelsey Dahlquist

2008 Alum: Lisa Bultman

2007 Alum: Krissy Stockton, Whitney Bembenek

2006 Alum: Stephanie Brown, Megan Frankosky