The Enchantments

About Us


Colleen Silvernail– Managing Director

Colleen is a junior at the U majoring in Mass Communications in the school of journalism and minoring in Political Science. She aspires to go on to law school, get her JD, and practice in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. Music has been a large part of her life since she began singing at age 9. Since then she has grown and developed greatly, being a part of musicals, choir, and her high school a cappella group. The Enchantments has been the most fun part of her college career thus far and she loves singing with and empowering her fellow members.


Kayleigh Phillips- Marketing Director


Kayleigh is a senior at the U double majoring in Communication and Studies in Cinema & Media Culture with a minor in Information Technology. She is from a small town in Massachusetts (and will never shut up about how much she loves Boston and the Patriots). Kayleigh loves serving as Marketing Director because after school she wants to enter the field of video production. Singing has always been her passion, but she is not trained in music at all– only in the shower! The Enchantments is one of her favorite things about college because she finally has a group of friends who won’t get mad at her for singing all the time and who can spontaneously harmonize with her!


           Marlee Schlegel- Music Director 


Marlee, from Wausau, Wisconsin, is a sophomore studying sociology of law, criminology, and deviance with a minor in mass communications. In her free time, she enjoys binge watching TV shows she should have watched ages ago (most recently HIMYM), sitting at Humble Cup for hours on end, and singing with these lovely ladies! Although her trombone career ended in middle school, Marlee has always kept music in her life thanks to a wonderful music program at her high school through singing and playing guitar and piano. She is no stranger to the theatre, and is always looking for opportunities to perform.


Elena Divita- Events Director

Elena is a sophomore from Madison, Wisconsin intending on majoring in Political Science and minoring in Spanish. Her ultimate goal is to be a supreme court justice some day! Elena has always had an interest in music and made performing a large part of her childhood through former a cappella groups, choir, and theatre. She is so excited to be a part of a group like The Enchantments so she has a good excuse for everyone for why she’s singing 24/7!



Laura Torgeson- Assistant Music Director

Laura is a senior studying theater arts this year at the U. Coming from a small town, she’s excited by all the opportunities here at the U and in Minneapolis. Her artistic tastes extend to all forms of dance, theater, and music. Laura has a musical background in the cello, piano, ukulele, and—of course—the voice. Singing is her passion, but she strives to succeed in other areas as well. Throughout her high school career she has advanced to state meets in Math League, Track and Field, and Speech. She was also accepted into the All-State choirs twice. She is absolutely thrilled to take part in the a cappella movement with her fellow Enchantments.


Grace LaPrairieGrace

Grace is a junior, majoring in Business and Marketing Education and minoring in Leadership and Management. Throughout high school, she never had an interest in choir, but thoroughly enjoyed car-singing and shower-singing. Along with this, Grace taught herself how to play guitar and would occasionally do various open-mic events hosted through school. Her musical inspirations include Bon Iver, James Vincent McMorrow, Mumford and Sons, Adele and Sara Bareilles. Grace is beyond excited to be a part of a student group, especially one made up of such wonderful and talented women!


Maddy Bergum

Maddy Bergum is a junior and could not be more excited to be making music with the Enchantments! She is getting a dual degree in Geography and Communications and minoring in GIS and Environmental Policy. Some of her interests and hobbies are knitting, dogs, watching The Office, playing tennis, anything to do with Harry Potter, and reading. She was in band, choir, and show choir during high school. Maddy is so excited to be a part of such was snazzy group of ladies.



Theoni Kolas

Theoni is a sophomore at the U and majoring in Family Social Sciences with a minor in Family Therapy. She hopes one day to get a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and have her own private practice. She is from Rochester, Minnesota. Music has always been a huge part in Theoni’s life because she plays guitar, piano, writes music, and has participated in multiple music and theater productions. She loves being in The Enchantments because she loves being with a group of girls who are positive, uplifting, and uber talented.


Abby Bailey

Abby is a freshman at the U and is majoring in Biology, Science and Environment. She hopes one day to go on to dental school and start a career as a pediatric dentist. She is from Hartford, Wisconsin. Music has always been a huge part in Abby’s life as she grew up in a very musical family. Her mom taught her piano when she was young and then she learned guitar in middle school. Also she was involved in choir all of high school and some time in middle school. She is very excited to be in The Enchantments and continue to develop her voice, and sing with a group of very talented girls.


Naomi Makesa

Naomi is a freshman at the U, and while she is currently undecided, she plans on majoring in Sociology or Anthropology. She is from Madison, Wi and enjoys hanging out with friends, fighting for equality, binge watching youtube, and busting a move on the dance floor. Naomi participated in choir all four years of high school, and sought out any other opportunities in which she could pursue her passion for singing, including participating in her church’s music program. Naomi feels extremely honored to be a part of the Enchantments and can’t wait to make lasting memories with this group of women.


Emma Myers

Emma is a freshman studying Civil Engineering at the U. She’s loved to sing her whole life, and has been involved in music since she was 5 years old. Emma grew up in Iowa City, IA, and during high school she was involved in choir, show choir, and drama. Her hobbies include watching Netflix, making friendship bracelets, coloring, and eating fruit. She is delighted and honored to perform with such a talented and spectacular group of women.


Olivia May

Olivia is a freshman at the U majoring in English and minoring in Spanish. She is from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She would love to teach English abroad, but otherwise she would like to teach high school English. Olivia has been in choir since the second grade and has always been involved, regardless of if it was orchestra, choir, musicals, or other theater productions. She has played the cello since she was in fourth grade, played bass since the seventh grade, and is self-taught on the guitar. In her free time, Olivia writes poetry, watches YouTube for hours, and laughs a lot at memes. She is so excited to be able to spend her first year making music with the other talented, inspirational women in the Enchantments!


Selena Thor

Selena is a sophomore at the U pursuing a major in Communications with minors in French and Creative Writing. She plans on going into Public Relations or Marketing after college. She is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and was very involved with choir and theatre throughout high school. Music is a big part of Selena’s life, and she’s very excited to be surrounded by empowering women who love to sing and have fun. In her free time, she compulsively plans ahead, binges TV Shows on Netflix, and eats too much food.


Erin Williams

Erin is a freshman this year and is majoring in physiology. She hopes to one day begin a career in the medical field. She is from Maple Grove, Minnesota and has been around music for most of her life. Erin has been playing instruments since second grade but only started vocal training in 9th grade. Throughout Junior High and High School Erin has been involved in many plays, musicals, and choirs. She is ecstatic to be a part of the Enchantments this year and continue her love for music in college!


Tyra Ramsey

Tyra is a Sophomore at the U double majoring in Spanish and Theatre.  She has a strong passion for social justice and hopes to make purposeful art in the future that changes her community and the world around her.  She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  For most of her life, she has been involved in theatre, specifically Black historical theatre.  Singing is one of her greatest passions.  She loves watching Netflix, playing with her English Bulldog Oliver, collecting water bottles, and singing with The Enchantments!


The Enchantments would not be who they are without the dedication and beautiful voices of previous members. A huge thanks to our alumnae for all you have done and your continuing support!

2017 Alum: Nora Allen, Zoe Armiros, Meara Cummings, Emily Dixon, Katrina Gustafson, Jenny LeDoux, Katie Makowski, Amelia McGee, Chrissy Taylor

2016 Alum: Mikalyna Sell

2015 Alum: Danni Askew, Allison Kronberg, Sarah Adams

2014 Alum: Ellen Studer, Errin McIsaac, Megan Siewert

2013 Alum: Alli Boyle, Emily Smythe, Heidi Chung, Sammy LaBrasca, Taylor Corwin

2012 Alum: Jane Margolis, Nora Kaffine, Maura Williams-Freier

2011 Alum: Angie Linberg-Livingston, Erika Ehren, Jaime Wendt, Kiya Edwards, Meghan Roehm, Sarah Trehey, Tiana Hardy

2010 Alum: Amanda Laskowski, CJ Jones

2009 Alum:
 Colleen Smith, Julie Paschke, Kelsey Dahlquist

2008 Alum: Lisa Bultman

2007 Alum: Krissy Stockton, Whitney Bembenek

2006 Alum: Stephanie Brown, Megan Frankosky