About Us



 Nora Allen- Events Director

Nora is a senior at the University of Minnesota studying Professional Journalism and minoring in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and is in her third year with the Enchantments!  As well as singing, she enjoys playing guitar, knitting, cooking, pop culture references, coffee, and smashing the patriarchy. Nora sang in multiple choirs in high school, and was president of the student-led acapella group her friends started her junior and senior year of high school. When Nora isn’t singing, she can be found shamelessly validating the experiences and opinions of her fellow Enchantments. Nora is so honored to be making music with such a talented group of women.


Kate Makowski- Managing Director

Kate is in her third year with The Enchantments, and is ecstatic to return to school with her best friends and singing sisters. Kate is a senior at the University of Minnesota, studying both Journalism (in the Professional Strategic Communications track) and Sociology. Other than “will one day be a crazy cat lady,” Kate can be best described as a coffee enthusiast, shopaholic, and SNL addict. Kate was raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and later moved to Lakeville, Minnesota. Kate’s musical background includes choir, musical theater, and guitar. Kate’s most unpopular opinion is that Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey will never go out of style.


Amelia McGee- Business Director

Amelia is a senior pursuing a B.S degree in Urban Studies with an emphasis in Environmental Design and Infrastructure, and a minor in Sustainable Science. She has been singing and playing instruments with her mom since she was in diapers, and is grateful everyday for her brother’s patience. After a year long hiatus while she studied abroad, Amelia is so incredibly thankful to be back belting it out with her friends.


Laura Torgeson- Assistant Music Director

Laura is a junior studying theater arts this year at the U. Coming from a small town, she’s excited by all the opportunities here at the U and in Minneapolis. Her artistic tastes extend to all forms of dance, theater, and music. Laura has a musical background in the cello, piano, ukulele, and—of course—the voice. Singing is her passion, but she strives to succeed in other areas as well. Throughout her high school career she has advanced to state meets in Math League, Track and Field, and Speech. She was also accepted into the All-State choirs twice. She is absolutely thrilled to take part in the a cappella movement with her fellow Enchantments.


 Emily Dixon

Emily is starting her third year with the Enchantments, and is a senior at the University of Minnesota this year. Ever since she was just a kid she has loved to sing, and has been in choirs for most of her life whether it was with school or through her church. She sings so much in her spare time that her family is constantly asking her to take it easy. She is majoring in Spanish with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. Emily studied abroad in Venezuela last fall, but is very excited to be back singing with The Enchantments. Outside of singing, Emily enjoys visiting family, any kind of animals, seeing adorable babies, and chocolate of course 🙂 Emily is from St. Louis Park, Minnesota and went to Minnehaha Academy High School in Minneapolis.Katrina

Katrina Gustafson

Katrina is a senior majoring in History and minoring in Biology. She is thrilled for her fourth year in the Enchantments. Being a member of the Enchantments is one of the many reasons why Katrina is absolutely loving her time as a student at the University of Minnesota. Aside from singing, Katrina also enjoys reading, traveling, apple pie, and public radio. She looks forward to continue singing alongside this talented and beautiful group of ladies.Chrissy

Chrissy Taylor- Music Director

From San Diego, CA,  Chrissy is an Honors Program senior, double majoring in Economics (BA) and Theatre Arts (BA) on the Performance track, with a minor in Leadership. She is a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta, and plans to follow in both her grandmother’s and mother’s footsteps and work as an actor after college. She loves working on Shakespeare, but is predominantly Musical Theatre trained. She attended a fine arts conservatory high school, and spent Spring 2016 interning full time at a Broadway-based producer’s firm for current and developing musicals. Although she’s been in training to work as a professional actor for almost 15 years, Chrissy plans to eventually pursue an MFA in theatrical performance sometime after her 2017 graduation.

ZoeZoe Armiros

Zoe is a senior and is in her third year with The Enchantments. Having been in choirs her whole life, she is very excited to have the opportunity to participate in a collegiate a cappella group, especially with such amazing and talented girls. She is applying to the U of M’s nursing program this winter and hopes to minor in Women’s Studies. Zoe loves to play the ukulele and is (almost) fluent in French. She is looking forward to a great third year with The Enchantments, and hopes there are many more to come!Meara

Meara Cummings

Meara is a senior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Professional Strategic Communications with minors in Design and Information Technology. This is her fourth year with The Enchantments. Even though she hasn’t been involved in formal choirs in the past, her love for singing began at an early age. Her whole family is very musical and would sing together around the house constantly. Being a part of The Enchantments is such a special honor and opportunity for her to finally be able to be part of a group that shares her passion for music and performance.

GraceGrace LaPrairie

Grace is a sophomore, majoring in Business and Marketing Education and minoring in Leadership and Management. Throughout high school, she never had an interest in choir, but thoroughly enjoyed car-singing and shower-singing. Along with this, Grace taught herself how to play guitar and would occasionally do various open-mic events hosted through school. Her musical inspirations include Bon Iver, James Vincent McMorrow, Mumford and Sons, Adele and Sara Bareilles. Grace is beyond excited to be a part of a student group, especially one made up of such wonderful and talented women!


Kayleigh Phillips- Marketing Director

Kayleigh is a sophomore at the U double majoring in Communication and Studies in Cinema and Media Culture. She is from a small town in Massachusetts and grew up participating in theater and basketball. Singing has always been her passion— especially in the shower— and now that she’s at college her parents say the house is too quiet! Kayleigh is super excited to finally have friends that can’t get mad at her for singing all the time and who can spontaneously harmonize with her!


Maddy Bergum

Maddy Bergum is a sophomore and could not be more excited to be making music with the Enchantments! She is double majoring in French and Communications. Some of her interests and hobbies are knitting, dogs, watching The Office, playing tennis, anything to do with Harry Potter, and doing Zumba. She was in band, choir, and show choir during high school. Maddy is so excited to be a part of such was snazzy group of ladies. 🙂



Colleen Silvernail

Colleen is a sophomore at UMN beginning her first year with the Enchantments. She is elated and honored to be a part of this awesome group of women. Colleen has made music a large part of her life since age 9 when she began singing. Since then she has grown and developed greatly, being a part of musicals, choir, and her high school acappella group. Colleen is excited that this love of music and involvement in the art may grow and continue in college with the Enchantments.


Jenny Ledoux- Assistant Music Director

Jenny is a second year graduate student pursuing her Master’s in Music with a vocal emphasis, and is proud to be one of the newest members of the Enchantments! Prior to this, Jenny completed her undergraduate degree at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa where she sang for three years with Beautiful Mess, the all-female a capella group on campus.  Born and raised in Minneapolis, Jenny fills her days with her friends, family, cross stitching, chasing squirrels, riding horses, drinking cider, and snuggling up with a good book and a warm blanket.  Her favorite color is pinky-peachy-orange, and she would live off Eggo waffles if that were possible.  Jenny would like to send a huge shout-out to her first batch of aca-sisters in Beautiful mess for their unending support and love, as well as her parents, brother, and boyfriend for always having her back.  YEY FOR SINGING!


Hayley Carey

Hayley is a freshman hoping to major in Neuroscience. Even though she is a self-proclaimed science nerd, Hayley has always exercised her creativity through painting and making music. From a young age, she could be found by a piano singing while banging out chords to a Hannah Montana song. Throughout her childhood Hayley was involved with choir, band, vocal jazz groups and private piano lessons. Some of her life aspirations include completing a marathon on roller blades, having a TED talk, and meeting Beyonce. Hayley is so unbelievably honored to be singing alongside all of the powerful women in the Enchantments.


Elena Divita

Elena is a freshman from Madison, Wisconsin intending on majoring in Political Science and minoring in Spanish. Her ultimate goal is to be a supreme court justice some day! Elena has always had an interest in music and made performing a large part of her childhood through former a cappella groups, choir, and theatre. She is so excited to be a part of a group like The Enchantments so she has a good excuse for everyone for why she’s singing 24/7!



Theoni Kolas

Theoni is a freshman planning on majoring is Psychology with a minor in Family Social Sciences. From the very beginning, Theoni has loved singing, performing, and creating. Even as a very little girl, she put on performances with her sister and made everyone watch. Throughout her life, she has also done musicals, choir, and taken piano and guitar lessons. One of the things she hopes to keep doing is composing and writing music. Theoni is so excited to be able to sing with such talented and amazing girls!


Marlee Schlegel 

Marlee is a freshman intending to study theatre arts and sociology. From a young age, Marlee has always been driven towards her first dream – to become a bird. While that hasn’t worked out for her thus far, she is pretty okay with pursuing her second passion of performing. When she isn’t rehearsing or performing with the Enchantments, you can often find her in Rarig, aimlessly wandering around West Bank, sleeping, watching Grey’s Anatomy, or making dad/Shrek jokes at inappropriate times. She hopes to someday be debt free again. 


The Enchantments would not be who they are without the dedication and beautiful voices of previous members. A huge thanks to our alumnae for all you have done and your continuing support!

2017 Alum: Nora Allen, Zoe Armiros, Meara Cummings, Emily Dixon, Katrina Gustafson, Jenny LeDoux, Katie Makowski, Amelia McGee, Chrissy Taylor

2016 Alum: Mikalyna Sell

2015 Alum: Danni Askew, Allison Kronberg, Sarah Adams

2014 Alum: Ellen Studer, Errin McIsaac, Megan Siewert

2013 Alum: Alli Boyle, Emily Smythe, Heidi Chung, Sammy LaBrasca, Taylor Corwin

2012 Alum: Jane Margolis, Nora Kaffine, Maura Williams-Freier

2011 Alum: Angie Linberg-Livingston, Erika Ehren, Jaime Wendt, Kiya Edwards, Meghan Roehm, Sarah Trehey, Tiana Hardy

2010 Alum: Amanda Laskowski, CJ Jones

2009 Alum:
 Colleen Smith, Julie Paschke, Kelsey Dahlquist

2008 Alum: Lisa Bultman

2007 Alum: Krissy Stockton, Whitney Bembenek

2006 Alum: Stephanie Brown, Megan Frankosky